Updating My Home's Exterior
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Updating My Home's Exterior

After we listed our home for sale, I could tell that things really needed to change, and fast. Our real estate agent mentioned that there were a few issues with the exterior of our home, so we took her suggestions to heart. She mentioned that our garage door desperately needed to be updated, so we worked hard to take care of the issue. We completely repainted the door, and then we worked on adding hardware and handles that gave it a little visual interest. This website is here to help people to update their home's exterior in a productive, convenient way. Check it out!


Updating My Home's Exterior

What Color Should Your New Garage Door Be?

Alice Rhodes

If you're looking for an easy but effective remodeling project, painting your garage doors or getting new doors all together is a great way to reinvigorate your look and add to the value of your home.  If you're looking for a totally new look or to put your house on the market, redoing your garage door installation is the perfect place to start.  Keep in mind that it's one of the first things that potential buyers will see of your house.  Whether you're painting your garage doors or picking out new ones, while trying to choose a paint, ask yourself these questions to find the perfect color for you.

1) What Style Is Your House?

With traditional homes, like Georgian and Tudor styles, it's best to stick with simple, classic colors like dark grey and white, while shades of brown look great with Mediterranean style homes.  For a beach bungalow, you might want to check out bright colors or stark whites.  With modern looks you can go really crazy with dark colors, reds, and metallics.  Some people even have their garage doors made entirely of glass.  

2) What's the Purpose?

If you're repainting because you're trying to list your home, then you should go for traditional colors that most people like.  Stick to greys and whites.  This is probably not the time to experiment with statement colors.  However, if you plan on being in your home for a long time, don't be afraid to try something new.  Indulge in your need for spontaneity and pick a color that speaks to you.  If you don't like it, that's ok!  You can always paint over it.   

3) Center Piece or Complement?

Do you want your garage door installation to be the center of attention or to complement a different aspect of your house?  If you're looking for something to blend in, match your garage door to the color of your wooden shutters or roof.  Remember if you have wooden shingles, your roof will eventually fade to a grey color.  If you're looking for a statement piece, go bold with shades of orange, blue, or green.  

4) How Much Maintenance Are You Willing to Do?

If you live somewhere very sunny or are remodeling your beach home, you should consider how much the sun will fade your garage doors.  Do you like the faded look?  If not you might want to pick a shade of white. 

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