Updating My Home's Exterior
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Updating My Home's Exterior

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Updating My Home's Exterior

Garage Door Safety: What To Know About Built-In Features

Alice Rhodes

If your automatic garage door was made after 1992, it is required to have several safety features that will make the garage door safe to operate. However, those features can stop working over time, which is why it is important to test them and have them repaired if necessary. Here is what you need to know about your garage door's built-in safety features.

The Two Safety Mechanisms

Every modern garage door has two safety features to be aware of. The first is the ability to automatically go into reverse if the door comes in contact with something beneath it as the door is closing. The door can tell that something is in the path due to the resistance it faces on the way down, which causes the door to go right back up to the starting position.

The second feature is the photo sensor installed near the floor of your garage door. This device also causes the door to go into reserver, but it is triggered by something crossing the path of the electronic eye. This is great for protecting your kids or pets from having a garage door close on them by accident.

Testing the Safety Mechanisms

There are two tests you can do to make sure these safety mechanisms are working. Start by putting a chair under the garage door's path and activating the closing mechanism. The chair should not trigger the electronic eye, but allow the door to come in contact with the chair and go into reverse.

The electronic eye can be tested by waving an object in front of the device once the door has started closing. It is best to use something like a broomstick so that you do not need to be in the path of the door as it is coming down. If you do not know where the electronic eye is to test it, look for a small photo sensor near the bottom of both sides of the track.

Repairing the Safety Mechanisms

If the electronic eye does not work, start by cleaning the lens off with a damp cloth. It's possible that the lens is simply dirty and blocking the signal. If the mechanism still does not work, you may have a more complicated problem on your hands.

Reach out to a local company that specializes in garage door repair such as Guaranteed Door Service, since they will recalibrate the safety mechanisms to ensure they are all in working order.