Updating My Home's Exterior
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Updating My Home's Exterior

After we listed our home for sale, I could tell that things really needed to change, and fast. Our real estate agent mentioned that there were a few issues with the exterior of our home, so we took her suggestions to heart. She mentioned that our garage door desperately needed to be updated, so we worked hard to take care of the issue. We completely repainted the door, and then we worked on adding hardware and handles that gave it a little visual interest. This website is here to help people to update their home's exterior in a productive, convenient way. Check it out!


Updating My Home's Exterior

How To Replace Garage Panels

Alice Rhodes

Updating your garage doors is a smart and fun remodel project. In fact, it can even be a rewarding DIY project if you have the type of the garage door that has removable panels. Most modern system have panels that are set within their individual frames. The panels are often attach with just bolts, so they can be removed with a handheld wrench. In fact, the entire job can usually be handled without any power tools. This article explains how to replace garage panels.

Getting Your Replacement Panels

First of all, you need to plan ahead and order your replacement panels. Before you do this, you want to make sure, not only that you have the type of garage that has removable panels, but also that your actual garage frame is in good enough condition. If your frames are bent, they could completely collapse once you remove the panels from them. So, take a look at your garage from the inside, and make sure the panels are in good enough condition. If they are, order your replacements directly from the manufacture. This way you will have an your problems making sure you find a product that fits within your friends.

Installing the New Panels

When your new panels arrive, you can remove your old panels one by one. It works best if you remove one panel and then replace it with the new product immediately. All you have to do is remove all the bolts and then pop the panel out of the frame. This might be a two man job, particularly when it comes to installing the new panels. That is, you want to hold the panels at both ends with care, because they can be quite fragile. You don't want your panels to bend too much before they are installed.

Once you pop the panel into the frame from the outside, one person will hold it in place while the other goes to the inside of the garage and secures the new bolts. Make sure you use new bolts, and not the old ones.

Many people are surprised priced how quick and easy this work is. It doesn't require any cutting, power tools, heavy lifting, or technical skill. The panels can be large and awkward to handle, but the work is not going to be physically exhausting. This is why it is one of the best DIY projects. Contact a company, like Mid-South Door Co, for more help.