Updating My Home's Exterior
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Updating My Home's Exterior

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Updating My Home's Exterior

Overhead Garage Door Seen Its Better Days? Why You Should Consider A Roll Up Garage Door

Alice Rhodes

If your overhead garage door has seen its better days, you should consider replacing it now before problems start happening with it. One type of door available is a roll up garage door. Below is information about this type of garage door is as well as the benefits of choosing this.

Roll Up Overhead Garage Door

A roll up garage door is made with one metal piece, so it does not have many sections when rolling up. There are guides on either side of the door. During installation the contractor mounts these guides, as well as a motor assembly, to the wall.

You do have to have enough room for this type of door for the door to retract upward, however. If there is not enough room and you have the door installed anyway, you would not be able to install lighting, HVAC, etc. in the garage. This is because the door is horizontal in the ceiling space and takes up a lot of space to prevent anything else from being added. For this reason, the garage must be tall enough to accommodate the door and still leave room above. This would also give you enough room to insulate the attic, which is important for energy efficiency.

Benefits of Overhead Roll Up Garage Doors

One benefit of an overhead garage door is you can add insulation to the door before it is installed. This will make your garage more energy efficient as cold air cannot get into the garage.

An overhead roll up garage door is also made of durable materials, such as heavy gauge steel. This means the garage door will last a long time for you. Because this door is more durable, it is a good choice if the garage door will be used a lot, such as with opening and closing the door often.

There is also less maintenance to have overhead roll up garage door. This is because no springs are used, which means you will not have to maintain springs. This is more beneficial as bad springs can be expensive to replace, and if they are having problems, the garage door could close quickly causing injury.

If you keep the components coated with grease, this will help prevent corrosion, rust, and more. The garage door contractor can give you this grease or tell you where to purchase it. They will also show you how to coat the components.

Talk with garage door companies like Automatic Door Company about this type of door to help you make your choice.